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Highly targeted media planning and buying.

We utilize a best-of-breed suite of tools and a host of data management partners, providing billions of data points to identify, profile, and connect with the right audiences at a granular level across channels and devices. We monitor, gather insights, and optimize cross-channel, feeding learning back into our media programs to increase efficiency, performance, and return on investment.

Paid search
We bring a sophisticated, full-funnel approach to raising awareness, impacting consideration, and driving lower funnel conversion such as revenue and leads. Our expertise is global with campaigns spanning North America, EMEA, Latin America, and Asia Pacific.

We implement multiple strategic segments to ensure a smooth relevancy of messaging across channel and devices. We integrate CRM, direct mail, and email-open data segments to further increase reach and drive an incremental lift in conversions.

We leverage an in-house DSP and trading teams to help drive cost efficiencies for our clients, bringing robust AI technology for advanced predictive and deterministic optimizations. We have access to strategic data segments across multiple verticals from B2C to B2B.

Programmatic audio and video have benefited our clients at a geo-targeted local level and on a national scale in finding niche audiences and impacting online sales and offline store visits. We create cross-channel plans across relevant sites including YouTube, social, and endemic sites to ensure we are reaching the right audiences at scale.

Social advertising
We create multiple audience segments for testing that align with audience personas. By identifying very niche B2B and B2C audiences, we can foster engaging online conversations, shares, likes, and most importantly, drive lead generation or an increase in online sales.

Influencer marketing
We bring data-driven insight to the selection of influencers relevant to the campaign and audience. This allows for full, end-to-end campaign management to help drive awareness and engagement, and create the stories that build a brand connection with the audience

A/B testing
We let the data do the talking across ad copy, audience segments, banner ads, and landing pages. Our goal is to continuously test and learn to optimize campaigns, and positively impact KPIs and growth for our clients.

Product listing ads
Utilizing strategic campaign structures and advanced feed optimizations, we help maximize Conversion Ratio %(CVR) and Return On Ad Spend(ROAS) for our e-commerce clients.