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Delivering stories that align with audience need.

Audiences are uniquely different. Each has its own needs and preferences. At Risdall we work with our clients to develop and deliver content that aligns with each audience segment. Why? Content that speaks to them in their own terms is more easily understood and leads to deeper engagement.

We use human learning and digital intelligence to shape and bring stories to life, aligning content strategies with what the audience is searching for. We research, plan, create, and deliver content via media relations, social media, content marketing, and influencer marketing to address an audience need and create a connection with those you seek to reach.

Content assessment
Brand storytelling and content is the lifeblood of online visibility. We have found brands that are intentional in their content efforts to be the most successful. Many clients have a lot of valuable information that can be translated into user-facing content with a little discipline and direction. We help clients assess their audiences, current information resources and define a strategy, structure, and cadence for being deliberate in their outbound content efforts.

Content marketing campaigns
In the last few years, we’ve watched content marketing become the star of the marketing stage. And although it seems like a hot new tactic, it has been around since we entered the digital age in the ‘90s.

The reason content marketing is now so popular is that today, in many industries, at least 60 percent of the buyer’s journey happens before the person ever talks to a sales representative or contacts a company. In other words, people are using content on the Internet to inform purchasing decisions. Content marketing educates potential leads and answers their questions to help them make purchasing decisions. It can also establish thought leadership, brand awareness, lead generation, and customer loyalty.

A successful content marketing campaigns start with a content strategy that ensures that content will reach your intended audiences and work toward your defined goals, then gathering, creating and amplifying content that is specific to your product or service and aligned with audience need.

Content planning workshops
Many brands make the mistake of creating content based on what they want to say about themselves. We can lead clients in developing content topics based on audience need because we have found that when we answer the questions that address that need, we are more successful in engaging your audience.

Thought leadership
One of the best approaches for building a reputation and generating business leads is thought leadership. Consistent thought leadership differentiates your company from your competitors. When you share useful, quality material while your competitor is quiet, your audience will think of you first when making a business decision. The goal of thought leadership is to engage your audiences, not sell to them. They want to be informed, taught, inspired and perhaps even entertained.

Thought leadership can include your unique perspective on hot topics relevant to your customers and sharing best practices, original research and expertise about the broader challenges your customers face in their industries, but the key is that the agenda is set by your audience. They determine what the questions are. You simply need to answer them. Your level of authority is determined by how well you answer those crucial questions.
Becoming a thought leader requires ongoing commitment and has a high impact on your business when combined with other elements of the public relations and marketing mix.
We can help with every step on the path to thought leadership.

  • Identify and prioritize your audiences
  • Understand the mindset of your audiences
  • Establish the crucial topics of relevance
  • Coach thought leaders to be external audience facing
  • Develop the right plan to create relevant conversations and content

Media relations
We are a society that consumes information about our respective industries through a particular set of channels. This is still prevalent in the digital world and more so as traditional media outlets search for good information and content. We help our clients garner high-quality, influential, visibility in a variety of industries. We can also help you develop the skills to speak with the media. Whether you need a couple of tips, an hour of practice or a full day of media coaching, we support you in any way that’s necessary.

Media relations services include:

  • Identifying critical audiences and how they consume media
  • Developing media lists
  • Creating news releases
  • Creating tailored pitches and proactive outreach
  • Sharing best practices for online newsrooms
  • Media coaching
  • Recovering from negative news coverage

Influencer marketing
Influencer marketing is an ever-changing and growing opportunity for many brands. With the prevalence of online audiences spending hours each day seeking or passively engaging with content, online influencers and bloggers have become increasingly important for companies to reach interested audiences.
At Risdall, we start by identifying which online audiences and outlets are a brand and reputational fit for our clients. Then we leverage screening criteria and tools to create a target list of influencers that align with the goals and values of your organization. We continually collaborate with your team to refine and evaluate the right fit of personalities that can advance your brand in the minds of your prospects and current community.

Content design – visual, verbal and video
As part of a content strategy, interactive content or highly stylized images can significantly increase engagement with an audience. Breaking out with tailored landing pages, informational graphics, video, or well-designed, visually impactful white papers helps your content stand out from the thousands of pieces of content most users see daily.

Social media
Social media takes brand integration to another level. Launching a social media plan with your PR program allows a friendly gateway into your target audience’s world. Social media gives you a higher level of involvement, greater visibility, stronger relationship building, a sense of community, and more audience-initiated communications. With social media, the opportunities are endless.
Audiences are getting harder and harder to target because they are bombarded with marketing messages every waking hour. Social media breaks down this barrier and allows you to join the conversation with your target market.
The most powerful form of communication is word of mouth, and social media amplifies the power of word of mouth through the Internet. Social media gives brands an opportunity to become a familiar face and friend to consumers. This emotional engagement goes much further into the consumers’ psyche; it brings your brand to the forefronts of their brains, the centers of their hearts, and the tips of their tongues.

Experiential marketing allows audiences to fully connect with a brand through an experience that lasts well beyond the moments of an interaction. Brands of all types can build valuable relationships through a personal connection with customers or potential brand advocates that may have an interest in a product or service. Consumers want to be treated like a valuable partner or member of a community rather than by the traditional buyer/seller relationship. Experiential marketing on site, at industry events, and in the community provide a chance for brands to show their personality and what makes them stand out from the crowd.

Our approach and keys to success include:

  • Developing memorable experiences that create emotion, which in turn fuels engagement and ultimately impacts brand and business outcomes
  • Pairing innovative thinking and creative for flawless execution
  • Creating partnerships with like-minded brands and organizations
  • Supporting programs through earned and social media strategies
  • Establishing the business value that truly connects to success for clients
  • Designing programs that measure appropriate ROIs, such as earned media tracking, quality vs. quantity of impressions, and conversions and lead generation (such as custom URLs, industry tools for evaluation, engagement and buyer’s journey