Increased website traffic and leads by focusing on SEO performance


Zerust®/Excor® manufactures and markets corrosion inhibitor solutions for a broad range of industries. Its website goals focus on providing information, engaging prospects and customers, and generating leads. Zerust came to Risdall looking for a partner to help them to increase visibility for its website in the search engines, drive targeted traffic to its website and improve website performance and usability.


Zerust and Risdall began by migrating the site to WordPress and making visual updates to the website including adding lead generation forms in key places.

Building on that, Risdall began a tailored search optimization program based on strong research and focused on doing the little things right. Specific goals were to increase organic traffic, increase the rankings for keywords related to corrosion prevention, and increase overall leads for the sales and marketing team.


Risdall performed keyword research in a niche industry, matching terms to buyers’ intent. With keywords defined for each website page, Risdall produced a tactical strategy for boosting rankings with simple, easy-to-implement optimizations.

Using SEO tools, Risdall was able to track rankings for high performing keywords and gain valuable insights into competitor performance. This created ongoing recommendations for enhancing existing content and identifying where new content could be created to gain organic market share.


Risdall and Zerust saw dramatic results in the first few months of this effort, including significant increases in page one ranking and double-digit growth in organic site traffic.

In the first year of its SEO program, Zerust saw:

  • An increase in organic web traffic, including a 34% increase in the first quarter
  • 97 total keywords ranked on page 1
  • 66 VCI keywords ranked on page 1

We’ve sustained this success over time, with steady page one rankings and gradual, long-term organic site traffic gains.

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