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Updating with functionality and brand strategy in mind

A global ophthalmic lens marketer and manufacturer, VISION EASE was ready to redesign its primary website to reflect new corporate branding insights and reorganized product brands. Risdall developed a website consolidation strategy to fold three separate brand sites into the corporate site, make it responsive, upgrade to a new CMS, bring new life to older components and provide high-value content to registered B2B users.

Vision Ease responsive web design

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Advanced search features for easy access to products and marketing materials

The new site, for the first time, provides a faceted search solution for product information. Product pages provide in-depth technical information and specifications, as well as access to marketing resources and barcode data for each lens. Faceted search also makes marketing materials easy to find and order via an e-commerce package.

Vision Ease Custom Web Design

Two iconic brand, O’Neill and Coppertone, come together in this tool that allows users to browse the combinations of Coppertone lenses and O’Neill frames and access detailed forms to order finished sunglasses.


Finding providers, labs and retail outlets has never been easier, thanks to Google.


Faceted filtering makes finding lens products by brand, material, style and treatment fast and easy.


Faceted search is used to let users choose lenses they want to add to the sheet of barcodes that they use in everyday order placement.


Built with WordPress

The solution architecture called for the site to be built on WordPress to align with the client’s shift in focus from custom functionality to content publishing. WordPress also offers a more practical e-commerce solution for the VISION EASE Toolkit, in addition to better flexibility to accommodate future localization needs as they expand to reach international audiences.

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Vision Ease lenses product layout

“As a digital marketing manager, I appreciate and rely on the collaboration, expertise and partnership that the team at Risdall offers in support of our digital strategy. Their ability to assess our opportunities, and provide a thoughtful and results-driven approach has moved the performance of our digital channels from ‘good’ to ‘great’.”

Susie Clark, Digital Marketing Manager