Creating a cohesive global brand across a spectrum of digital communications


Driven by research, Risdall helped distill Turck’s diverse industrial automation offerings into key benefits and targeted messaging. As part of this partnership, Turck and Risdall launched the new U.S. brand positioning across advertising, landing pages, digital content and social media to increase awareness of its expertise and offerings.


With brand positioning as the foundation of our partnership, a wide variety of initiatives have been incrementally deployed and refined over several years to elevate Turck’s position in its market.

Risdall provides ongoing marketing support that included SEO, creative development, lead generation campaigns and paid media engagement strategy. Public relations and content development also play a critical role, with articles, white papers and other digital content boosting its online presence with media and customers.


By combining traditional and digital media programs with targeted content, Turck has gained millions of brand impressions, driven leads to its sales funnel and boosted its presence as a go-to expert in the automation space.

With a strong brand, reputation and product portfolio, Turck’s sales and market share continue to grow across North America.

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