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Making product information easier to access

Tolomatic, a manufacturer of pneumatic and electric actuators and power transmission products, found itself with an antiquated, unmanageable website with thousands of pages requiring a complex web redesign. Risdall restructured it in a responsive design with faceted product filtering to make product location fast and easy on any device.

Tolomatic - custom web design

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Streamlined workflow and editing with custom product administration tools

From the admin perspective, a powerful editing tool makes it easy to attribute assets, content and media types—from images to specs to catalogs to e-books — to different product series and industries. Leveraging Tolomatic’s ongoing creation of detailed engineering data in print format, Risdall established a “publish once, distribute many” workflow by devising a way to capture information out of the PDFs and flow it into the site, eliminating the cost and difficulty of recreating complex tables, graphs and custom displays.

Tolomatic - custom product admin




Built with DNN

Risdall recommended DNN as the content management system for the Tolomatic site. Risdall’s product administration platform, which handles complex product configuration, language and resource assignments and supports faceted search, is based on DNN. Furthermore, DNN provides the customer support and administrative workflow systems to meet this client’s needs.

Risdall’s Product Administration Platform

The Risdall Product Administration Platform is a proprietary administrative toolset developed specifically for our manufacturing clients. It is designed to simplify the tasks of managing complex and configurable products and specifications, associated resources, product taxonomies and alternate languages.

This flexible platform, using the DNN framework, is readily adaptable to the needs of different product lines and offers a variety of tools that speed product entry.  

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Ted Risdall - Chairman / CEO