ClientYRC (HNRY)

Building a high performing digital sales engine


YRC is an American transportation company. HNRY is a digital platform that was created by YRC to augment traditional phone sales and automate transportation and logistics sourcing to support YRCs brands across North America.


Their goal was to shift into online marketing and begin to offset call center resources. Risdall was tasked with crafting a plan to build targeted awareness and drive engagement and use of the new portal with the specific audiences. The ultimate goal being to increase visits and quote requests over time.


Using advanced targeting and machine-learning data platforms, we created and tested multiple lead generation campaigns across paid search, programatic display and social media advertising to drive qualified traffic to HNRYs new platform.  A/B testing allowed us to learn more about audience behavior and campaigns were optimized for budget efficiency and to improve performance.


Over a dozen upper, mid and lower funnel KPIs (confidential) were measured and reported via a dashboard with the ultimate goal of tying online activity to real-world sales.

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