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Daikin Industries, Ltd., is a leading global innovator and provider of advanced, high-quality air conditioning solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.
Daikin’s marketing team had an extensive brand guide to work from, but it was overwhelming, complex and comprehensive, causing confusion, so the team was stuck using the same marketing elements. They needed to fresh ideas to infuse new life into the brand, without engaging in a complete and costly brand overhaul.

“​​I think you nailed it! The portfolio of options has a great flow, and a nice look and feel.”
Daikin Industries


Daikin hired Risdall to take existing brand standards and design a new hybrid service portfolio overview that fit within the brand. The overview would also offer the marketing team a blend of new and existing elements to use in branded marketing materials.  Risdall worked closely with Daikin over a five-week period to connect with brand managers, and review the current standards, design templates, including assets, icons, visual elements, etc. A complete audit of existing resources helped us determine new design opportunities. 


Our work included:

  • Auditing existing design and materials from Daikin – identifying elements from various resources to help maintain brand consistency
  • Adding new graphic elements matching the design direction and intent of the original rand guidelines
  • Editing and retouching up existing photography.
  • Modifying existing photography and recommending new product display photography
  • Creating custom iconography for the core product sections and other important content categories 
  • Focusing on hierarchy and legibility when important
  • Applying custom layouts to create story driven content design – breaking up the dry flow of highly technical content
  • Creating multiple master content templates to allow for design scalability according to content needs



The final product was the framework for a new service portfolio that the client finalized and produced to use in its marketing efforts. Together, we transformed a 316-page design guide into a 24-page template that Daikin could use across its marketing efforts.

The client is extremely happy with the output and with the partnership and this new template has served as a flexible foundation for creation of digital and traditional marketing materials.

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