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Digital transformation to evolve lead-generation efforts


Canon Medical provides Enterprise Imaging (EI) solutions to hospital networks across the United States. They are a leader in Enterprise Imaging; their technology allows clinicians and organizations to seamlessly access important patient imaging, data, and multimedia, ultimately contributing to consistent, quality, patient care – replacing disparate systems.

Reaching the right audience with the right information is a struggle. Canon Medical was using traditional methods — like print and trade show advertising — which can be expensive and is difficult to measure.

Since the sell-in cycle is a long, complex process that entails communication with multiple stakeholders, answering many specific questions, Canon needed a way to develop a larger pipeline of visibility, interest and inquiry for the sales team.

My entire organization has a different perception of the marketing team because of the guidance, focus and results your team has delivered.
Canon Medical


Risdall helped Canon Medical map its marketing strategy by identifying and reframing marketing goals in support of overall sales goals.

We began by gaining an understanding of the marketing to sales pipeline and mapping multiple buyer journeys of those critical to purchase decisions, identifying the messages and triggers needed to communicate with them effectively.

Then, we analyzed the company’s existing channels and opportunities, and built a new strategy that included untapped digital engagement, determining how leads would be attributed to digital marketing.

Finally, we developed a content strategy to deliver key insights to primary decision makers – Clinician Leaders or IT PACS Directors.


Through collaborative planning sessions with Marketing and Sales, Risdall and Canon identified the appropriate blend of engagement tactics, content and calls-to-action, along with outlining an attribution model to track leads back to marketing efforts.

Highlights of the solution included:

  • Optimization of ad campaigns to drive high quality leads
  • Intent-based SEO to drive users to the content they are looking for along their customer journey
  • Audience-focused content strategy, planning and content marketing including videos, articles, e-books, virtual trade show micro sites, and tailored landing pages
  • Sales presentations
  • Trade show marketing including quick adaptation to a fully digital world
  • Measurement planning and tracking at every stage of the customer journey
  • Conversion optimization


With the new marketing strategy centered around business goals, Risdall and Canon Medical delivered on the company’s lead generation goals (confidential) and raised the profile of marketing with the company. We continue to evolve our partnership to support the organizations’ goals and work with the team to optimize quarterly plans.

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