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A multi-channel marketing strategy to engage difficult-to-reach audiences


Bone Foam designs and manufacturers reusable patient positioning devices used in surgery and x-ray applications. Working with clinicians they continually provides cutting edge solutions to patient positioning and rehabilitation.



Bone Foam depended on traditional methods to promote their products but were interested in testing digital marketing to coincide with the redesign of a new website. Knowing the target audience was such a specialized group, Risdall researched how to connect with them on a number of social platforms, focusing on professionals within the orthopedic industry, including surgeons, surgical nurses, x-ray technicians and specialist-level professionals.


Risdall worked with Bone Foam to define a position for their brand and develop a website with greater functionality, including more product information, better product segmentation and the ability to select multiple products and quickly quote their cost.

In addition, Risdall developed and launched a campaign that targeted medical professionals on Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. These efforts presented content and ads with the goal of introducing professionals to Bone Foam’s products and  encouraging inquiry into using these products where they work.


While originally a limited engagement project, the results received by Bone Foam were extraordinary. We found that healthcare professionals were very eager to talk about Bone Foam products. Some audience members even gave unsolicited testimonials. Ongoing testing, optimization and insights allowed us to continue improving performance.

Initial results included a 300% increase in website traffic, a 120% increase in quotes and double digit increases in sales prior to Covid.


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