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Arcserve is one of the world’s most experienced providers of enterprise data protection, backup and disaster recovery solutions for countless IT teams. Their solutions keep business running smoothly and securely.


Arcserve was not satisfied with the results of existing marketing and asked Risdall to review and rethink their digital strategies to improve their visibility, drive qualified leads, deliver thought leadership, and support their sales force. With results as our focus, Risdall thoroughly audited the existing digital marketing efforts and created a roadmap for improving their digital marketing programs.


Knowing Arcserve wanted improvement as quickly as possible, immediate fixes included updating broken links and incorrect targeting settings. Risdall also improved landing page quality, removed poorly performing keywords and expanded into more technical, sophisticated keywords.

With performance stabilized and improving, we set new campaign goals and restructured campaigns to decrease the cost per lead, reduce cost per click, improve quality scores, and ultimately boost awareness of Arcserve across ten countries. We also expanded their digital media channels, implementing more sophisticated, AI-based targeting and tracking. Specific targeting by country allowed us to focus on the right mix of lead generation and awareness-building efforts based on Arcserve’s presence in the market. Feeding weekly performance data into a comprehensive dashboard allowed quick visualization and analysis of dozens of metrics.

We further began to conduct a comprehensive strategic audit and refinement plan for their website. An assessment of analytics helped us understand the website’s basic operating variables and contextualize visitor behavior. Strategic initiatives included defining overall website goals, aligned with inbound marketing goals and developing a comprehensive measurement and analytics plan. We focused on implementing tracking and attribution to chat, webinar and event registrations and lead generation campaign tracking, working with their sales team to ensure lead and opportunity data was properly mapped and integrated into Salesforce. We then began to improve the overall information architecture and user experience of the website.

SEO research identified the market share of search and their position versus direct and indirect competitors and showed how effective their website content was at attracting traffic. This allowed us to identify specific page optimization opportunities, map and establish content and call-to-action priorities across the entire website, define content plans and launch new evergreen content initiatives as well as lead generation campaigns.

We defined, designed and developed a regular cadence of lead gen campaigns revolving around topics, promotions, and products – designed to drive lower-funnel sales qualified leads and created a library of easy to use landing page templates that made landing page creation fast and easy. Campaigns ran across the globe being supported by a variety of media supported by A/B testing and optimization of messages, targeting and media mix.


Over the course of twelve months the combined efforts of Risdall and Arcserve resulted in an overall improvement of a 103% increase in daily leads, a 196% increase in digital marketing profitability, and a greatly reduced cost per lead.

Lead generation campaigns drove:

40,400 page views
15,150 form submissions
16,449 chats
10,304 demo requests

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