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We create powerful human connection.

We assess your current marketing efforts to identify gaps, and suggest courses of action that are consistent, intentional, and drive towards identified business goals. This starts by understanding the human behaviors of those you need to reach. We combine your knowledge, along with research and data to map your prospect’s journey, identify insights to effectively engage them and deliver the right messages throughout their decision-making journey.

Marketplace assessment
We help clients assess where they fit in the marketplace, their competition, current trends, recent events, who are the thought leaders and influencers, and what are the key areas they can differentiate themselves.

Digital maturity assessment
Navigating an ever-changing digital landscape is something many brands find daunting. It requires a completely new mindset, adapting skillsets and a grasp of emerging technologies. We help brands identify what they are doing well and areas they need improvement, then define and prioritize an incremental success plan for them.

Customer definition and journey mapping
mapping the customer’s journey is foundational to a successful program to determine the journey customer(s) go through in engaging with your company, and buying your product or service. We use our tools to help you define the buyer needs, identify their pain points, the questions that need to be answered during their decision-making process, the most impactful content for them and the ideal media to reach them through.

Communications assessment
Many companies have a great deal of valuable content and communications developed but need help assessing and re-prioritizing it and modernizing it for digital consumption. We provide assessment and strategies for identifying gaps in communications, and making existing information and content more relevant, impactful and channel specific.

Brand positioning, value prop development and key messaging
Telling the right story is essential to gaining attention and interest of your customers. We work with clients to define a position in the marketplace, value propositions that align with stakeholder need and messages and content that create relevance by addressing questions that customers are searching for answers to.

Full-funnel engagement planning
Leveraging information we uncover about the marketplace and your target audience, we outline a cadence of activity, the stories you need to tell, the types of content necessary to deliver those stories, campaign ideas, and the media channels that are essential to engaging your target audience.

Campaign strategy
Within engagement planning, we develop creative campaigns designed to drive visibility and lower funnel engagement. These may be for a single initiative like product launch, trade show attendance, conquesting competitor visibility, supporting a promotional selling period or driving qualified leads.

Measurement plan
Before we start any effort, we work with clients to outline the clear KPIs we are measuring against and the anticipated ROI we are trying to achieve. These inputs help us determine channel weight and level of spending.