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Managing and nurturing relationships to a deeper level.

With long sales cycles and specialized products, nurturing ongoing customer relationships is critical.

With thoughtful precision and creativity, we help clients define resource requirements and craft messages to deliver timely, consistent follow-up communications that move users further down the marketing funnel, converting prospects to customers with less effort.

With a smart process and a good tool, you can simplify the process of engaging current customers automatically with behavior-based automation. Marketing automation can help grow customer loyalty, create opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling, and turning buyers into repeat buyers and brand advocates.

Finding the right tool
Finding the right tool for email and marketing automation is important to building a program that works for your company. We can help you assess different tools based on what you’re looking to achieve and the tech stack you already have in place.

Customer campaigns
We help clients shape email and marketing automation programs focused on your customers. Whether you’re looking to re-engage dormant customers, stay top-of-mind with current customers or welcome new customers to your company, we design a strategic approach that’s goal-based and sales-driven.

Audience segmentation and targeted content
Delivering targeted, relevant information to your customers with an appropriate cadence helps increase engagement. We review potential audience segments, behaviors and areas of interest, then translate these findings in new content that speaks directly to your customers’ needs.