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Attract your targets using advanced modern strategies and AI-driven technology.

What is Intent-based SEO?

Traditionally, SEO is focused on metrics based on the number of visitors, click-through rates, search volumes, and rankings. Intent-based SEO is simply understanding the user’s intent when they search for something. This intent is not something that can be uncovered in an analytics dashboard. It involves marketing, sales, content, and a keen understanding of your prospect’s journey within Google.

In order to drive meaningful traffic, content has to not only be relevant but also satisfy the user intent.

SEO Research & Strategy

SEO research & strategy

We provide visibility analysis and strategic recommendations using state-of-the-art tools. We will look at your current foothold in organic search, as well as your competitors, and determine the overall potential for driving qualified visitors.

Risdall can provide insights to these common questions:

  • Are we targeting the right keywords?
  • Is there “low-hanging fruit” tactics that can propel our search rankings?
  • How does our website rank against competitors?

Increase Qualified Leads

Increase qualified leads

Driving traffic to a website is easy. Driving highly qualified prospects is a science.

Risdall can identify what problems customers are trying to solve and the terms they use when looking for an answer. Speaking in your customers’ voice and not your own is crucial to tapping into that potential traffic.

SEO Content Strategy

SEO content strategy

Content is the fuel for an SEO engine. Consistently producing high-quality, SEO optimized content is proven to increase rankings and attract qualified visitors at each stage of their buyers’ journey. We help clients plan and develop effective content programs – harnessing our SEO learning.

SEO Services

SEO services

Goals and Objectives Planning
To make an SEO program truly effective, we like to understand your website objectives, the overarching marketing objectives, and how all of this fits into the stated business goals. From this, we established measurable goals for SEO – identifying what is important to focus on for content analysis and how to measure for success.

All the little optimizations add up to increased traffic and a great user experience.

Keyword Research and Analysis
Keyword research is the bedrock of a solid SEO program. It starts with identifying the audiences, what their questions are and the language that they use when searching for a solution.

Market Potential

Technical Website Audit and Remediation – Risdall will use tools to analyze your source code and identify weaknesses from an SEO perspective. We will then work with your development team or vendor on a plan to correct these issues.

Opportunities typically include:

  • Title tag audit
  • Meta description audit
  • Anchor text audit
  • Internal linking audit
  • Duplicate content audit
  • Weak/thin content page audit
  • Crawl error audit
  • Sitemap check
  • Robots.txt validation
  • Schema implementation
  • Link profile analysis
  • Site speed testing
  • Mobile performance
  • URL optimization

Measurement and analytics are the lifeblood of any modern digital marketing effort.

Analytics, Tracking and Measurement – Before any program is initiated, Risdall recommends that analytics are properly set up, that your goals are being tracked and you are able to monitor performance with insightful reporting dashboards.

  • What are you currently tracking?
  • What are you missing?
  • Where does the majority of your traffic come from?
  • What traffic source is most valuable to your business?
  • What are the important actions on your website that we need to track?
  • How are you currently ranking for valued keywords?