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User-focused websites designed to drive deeper engagement and sales.

As your primary owned media channel, your website plays a central role in the success of your marketing efforts.  Whether you are a B2B manufacturer driving leads to your multi-tiered sales channel, an online retailer selling products on multiple consumer marketplaces, or a challenger brand fighting for awareness in a crowded market, you rely on your website to attract, convert, and retain customers.  At Risdall we have a long pedigree of delivering world-class websites that work as hard as you do. Our approach is founded on the goal of driving deeper, measurable brand engagement Measurement and Analytics Plan with intent-based user journeys, enhanced search ranking, and creative conversion strategies.

We integrate creativity, technologies, and tools to plan, design, develop, and support the health and improvement of your owned digital properties. Our ultimate goal is to increase effectiveness, compliance, availability, and support timely digital marketing activities.

Technology assessment
When developing a site, we understand that there are often technology constraints that must be considered, whether stemming from third-party systems, legacy data structures, regulatory requirements, and many other sources. The last thing we want to do is create a site that can’t be implemented or is too cost-prohibitive, so it’s our intent to uncover as many of these considerations as possible, upfront.

Technology selection
Based on our learning we advise on the appropriate technology to support marketing efforts while integrating with your business technology constraints. We keep current on leading technologies that add functionality and capability to your website-implementing script or iFrame-based widgets and branding third-party system interfaces.

Platform concept and design
We strive to design sites that truly reflect the unique character of a brand and deliver a dynamic visual experience for the user. It’s not just a function of translating colors and images to a new site structure but defining a complete visual character for the brand in the digital space. We do this by reviewing existing brand style information and conduct working “mood board” sessions with clients to uncover what makes the brand unique. We translate this into final design style guides that help shape the visual expression of your brand online.

User experience and user interface design
We believe that form follows function. A beautiful site will not compensate for a poor user experience. We focus on a user-centric approach, developing a structure and interface design that is intuitive, facilitating the user’s journey, and driving actions that are necessary to make navigating the site a fluid, enjoyable, and easy-to-use experience.

Technical SEO and organic strategy
Risdall remains a leader in determining, developing, and placing the proper SEO schema into sites.

In conjunction with an SEO audit, Risdall provides strategies and content recommendations for increasing off-site SEO, organic search engine visibility. Our goal is to understand what you are currently doing and where you rank for which keyword terms. Then we can outline the specifications for the site from a technical, content, architecture, and design point of view.

Custom development
From first-generation sites for start-ups to multilingual, content-managed, enterprise-level web applications for large institutions, we have developed a wide variety of sites and robust toolsets. These range from e-commerce platforms to custom-built content management systems, to creating proprietary product administration tools.

Conversion optimization
Our goal with every site is to create an engine for driving deeper engagement. We do this by optimizing the user’s journey, creating desired actions on pages that deepen the level of involvement, and reducing actions that inhibit a fluid, intuitive journey. We work with clients to define goals at the beginning of an assignment and we use our tools and talent to optimize the site for deeper engagement. This might include pages viewed, time on page, a download, a form submission, or some other form of furthering audience engagement.

We help clients establish the right governance model, depending on the size, scope, and type of website we are developing. We provide counsel in defining required roles and responsibilities of a team that will undertake the planning, design, content, and overall evolution of a website, and a governance plan that establishes the policies and standards that will help ensure consistencies in the website, keeping an internal team working in alignment with the business goals.

Risdall possesses a breadth of accessibility experience, both from an implementation and remediation capacity. This includes selecting the correct platforms that can support WCAG 2.0 AA out of the box and configuring authoring tools to eliminate the potential for non-compliant content. Risdall also has a 38-point checklist for becoming WCAG 2.0 AA compliant.

Ongoing maintenance and technical support
Depending on the complexity and needs of the site, we outline ongoing maintenance plans. Maintenance plans include nightly security scanning, performance testing, offsite backups, weekly core and plugin updates, weekly reporting, and uptime monitoring. We also provide bi-annual technology assessments to recommend new additive technology opportunities to our clients.