Friday, November 15, 2019
11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Doubletree Hotel – St. Louis Park

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We are living through the biggest technology revolution in the history of mankind. The ways companies are engaging with customers is changing at an amazing rate and many companies are left confused with how to adapt. Fortunately, Risdall has found ways that allow companies and brands to engage with customers and prospects in ways that are measurable and tied to real-world success. 

Since the start of advertising, the goal has been to interrupt customers and get them to pay attention. Today’s customers require engagement and seamless integration into whatever device, format, or media they’re on. The good news is that every interaction can be measured and quantified. The bad news is that very few companies (and marketing agencies) can pull actionable insights out of all this data. 

Please join Risdall’s President and CEO Ted Risdall has he walks you through where marketing has been in the past, how things have changed, and what it takes to be Digitally Mature in today’s marketing and technology landscape. He’ll walk you through how Risdall engages with their current clients, and how they access where a client’s current marketing efforts stand. You’ll even get access to a tool that will allow you to assess your current marketing state and identify immediate areas for improvement. 

About Ted Risdall – President and CEO, Risdall
Ted led Risdall’s expansion into high technology. While most people thought the Internet was about bulletin boards and chat rooms, Ted was already demonstrating that e-commerce had a profitable future for most businesses. He took that concept deeper, proving that that the web was to be an effective new vehicle for advertising and marketing for both consumer and business-to-business markets. His commitment to technology and talent firmly established Risdall Interactive as a major player on the national scene, where the agency is consistently ranked in the Top 50 Interactive Agencies in the country. With well over a thousand websites under its belt, Risdall integrates top design with functionality in cost-effective implementations. Ted joined the agency in 1993 with a master’s degree from the American Graduate School of International Management (Thunderbird).

About Sales and Marketing Executives (SME)
Sales and Marketing Executives (SME) provides sales and marketing leaders in small and mid-sized businesses learning opportunities via the exchange of practical, proven business strategies and tactics.  Our members are responsible for driving revenue in their organization, as well as for developing and implementing practical ideas that generate this growth.

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