It’s a pretty safe guess that most business professionals are familiar with the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But after that, SEO is an enigma that we all know is important, but we either hand it off to someone else or we completely ignore it.

When Risdall originally put together our Guide to an Effective SEO Strategy, the goal was to demystify SEO and break-down effective SEO strategy into several main areas. While most companies will want to work with an experienced SEO partner, there are methods and activities everyone can do to improve how search engines are reading (and finding) your website.

Guide to an Effective SEO Strategy cover

Ultimately, every company should have a proactive SEO strategy, not to mention a dedicated budget, but Risdall’s Guide to an Effective SEO Strategy will explain the main concepts everyone should understand about SEO and the essential components that should be in every SEO plan.

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