Everybody loves a good war story. They are often a great way to inform people of your services, expertise and accomplishments in an engaging way. While telling your story, you have to tread on a thin line between an engaging story and outright bragging.

Holding on to these golden stories, but not letting the public know, is a missed opportunity for businesses. Sharing the positive aspects of your organization is the best tactic you can employ for your public image.

Here are three ways to share all the good your company is doing without sounding like you’re bragging.

Promote Your Company by Doing Good Things

In order to share the good things your company is doing, your company needs to do good things. Brainstorm how your business is improving people’s lives through the services or products it provides.

For example, if you’re in the financial industry, you could share a story about a low-interest loan that helped a person’s dream come true of owning his or her own business. Or you could promote your company by talking about your expert financial consulting that helped an older couple retire early.

You could also create your own stories by getting active in your community through volunteering or donating.

Share Useful Information 80 Percent of the Time. Promote Your Company 20 Percent of the Time.

When promoting your company, use the 80/20 Rule of content marketing. The 80/20 Rule says you should provide your audience with meaningful, interesting information 80 percent of the time and promote your company 20 percent of the time. This ratio allows you to provide your customers with meaningful content that they’ll enjoy, while sprinkling in salesmanship part of the time.

The purpose of this is to keep your audience interested. If you promote your company 80 percent of the time, your audience will become uninterested and move on to your competitor who is consistently providing interesting content.

Get Someone Else to Promote Your Company for You

Staff members provide the best insights into positive aspects of their companies. Public relations teams and content marketers can take these insights, turn them into stories and share them with the public in a way that gives your company objective, positive endorsements.

If you’re not sure how to go about sharing the good happenings around your company, consulting with a public relations agency is a good place to start. Contact us to find out how to promote your company without sounding like you’re bragging.