Risdall’s VP of Digital Strategy, Erik Hinds, was honored to be selected as a judge for this year’s WebAward Competition. This annual award was created by the Web Marketing Association (WMA) as a way of setting high standards for internet marketing and web design and development. 

Judging this competition is particularly interesting to Mr. Hinds, as Risdall has won dozens of WMA awards in the past. “After years of being a participant, it’s a really interesting experience to be on the other side of the table,” said Hinds. “This competition allows me to see the best of the best in web development as well as employ these new ideas and practices into our own work at Risdall.”

During this competition, 20 to 30 mobile websites will be reviewed, with only a select few being honored as recipients of WMA awards. These awards help push the continuous development and improvement of standards across the web. The judging period wrapped up at the end of July.

Our entire team is thrilled to be part of this competition and hope to continue this relationship in the future.