After 47 years as a marketing firm and being at the forefront of digital marketing, we’ve heard it all:

  • My clients are too unique
  • Our audience is so specific, we can’t target them
  • This industry thrives off word-of-mouth, not traditional or paid marketing

Fortunately, thanks to our expertise in digital marketing, focused targeting, and understanding of the buyer’s journey, we’ve had great success in connecting companies with the unique and specific audiences that purchase their product.

A sub-sub industry

Risdall recently partnered with Bone Foam, a respected manufacturer of patient-positioning devices used during orthopedic surgery. In layman’s terms, these are the positioners that keep your legs and arms in optimal placement during surgeries or for x-ray imaging. Traditionally, many facilities would position patient limbs with pillows and blankets, so our goal was to communicate a situation where there was a great new product that can simplify the lives of a very specific audience within the healthcare industry.

An assumption that had to be challenged and tested was the belief that healthcare professionals didn’t talk about products online and that advertising these solutions on social platforms was a risky proposition.

Finding a connection

While having a specialized audience does reduce the total size of people you want to connect with, it allows us to target people our clients are looking to connect with very accurately. In Bone Foam’s case, our team researched professionals who worked in a variety of roles around orthopedic surgery. This includes surgeons, nurses, operating room (OR) technicians and specialists.

By targeting this audience with content and ads for Bone Foam products, we were able to attract new customers as well as encourage discussion between professionals who are existing Bone Foam users. The amount of discussion generated on social media was significant and incredibly positive, as were the overall results of this campaign.

During this specific campaign the effort reached over 140,000 targeted people, generated 1,825 reactions to promoted posts, sparked a 300 percent increase in traffic to Bone Foam’s website, and a 120 percent  increase in quote requests.

Recreating success

This case illustrates how Risdall is able to effectively target and connect with very specific audiences that fall within larger categories. Instead of simply focusing on healthcare, we were able to connect with the specific influential professionals that have a strong interest in the solutions our client offers.

This strategic approach is not limited to healthcare and can be recreated for targeted audiences within any industry, geographical location, company, and/or job title. However, when planning a targeted marketing campaign, it’s essential to partner with a marketing agency that has experience in reaching specific audiences.

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