Marketing agency continues helping B2B clients navigate the changing digital landscape

ROSEVILLE, MINN. (May 5, 2022) – Risdall Marketing Group reaches its golden 50th anniversary in 2022, marking five decades of connecting clients with their audiences through strategic marketing.

With this milestone, the company is among the longest-tenured independently owned marketing and advertising agencies in Minnesota.

“This agency has lived through the biggest communication revolution in history, and it’s still evolving. And while the way we communicate has changed a lot in 50 years, why we communicate hasn’t. It’s still about connecting our clients with their customers,” said Ted Risdall, CEO.

Risdall Marketing Group opened in July 1972, when it was founded by John Risdall. The company expanded its focus from traditional advertising into digital and web solutions in the early days of websites, when Ted Risdall joined the agency in 1993.

In 2016, ownership transitioned from John Risdall to Ted Risdall, and the company cemented its place as a digital-first agency.

Over the years, the agency has focused on how digital marketing, technology and data can help companies and marketers reach their business goals. Today, Risdall focuses on improving communication through new trends, tools and services, and collaborating with clients to improve how they market to customers in a more virtual marketplace and digital world.

“When Risdall started out, people were all tuned in to the same TV networks and radio stations. Audiences today are so fragmented that it takes a really thoughtful, intentional and precise approach to meet them where they are,” said Ted Risdall. “Understanding the customer and their buying journey is where Risdall has always excelled, and where we’ve seen great success in digital strategies for our clients.”

“Risdall was built around the belief that success comes from making our agency fun, helping employees achieve their full potential and building businesses through marketing growth,” said Jennifer Risdall, chief operating officer. “We still bring this energy to our work 50 years later, as we help clients see the possibilities and opportunities they can accomplish with their digital marketing.”

About Risdall Marketing Group – Risdall Marketing Group is committed to helping marketing leaders focus their digital marketing and create strategies that deliver results. Its team of technology, digital and data experts works with local, national and international clients to collaboratively build their businesses through strategic digital marketing. The company is based in Roseville, Minnesota. Visit or follow Risdall on LinkedIn.

Pandemic confusion – canceled – quarantine – working from home – pajamas and sweats – why are we are leasing empty office space? – Is it PPP or PPE? – both –  homeschooling while Zoom calling – work life imbalance – vaccine – social distancing – drive-by-celebrations – curbside pick up  – where the heck did I put my mask?

And so it continued in 2021.

This is the world we have conducted business in and we have done our best to adapt and ride out the storm, serving our clients with optimism. 

We are truly thankful for the many good things that occurred in 2021. We have been able to manage change and even grow as an agency. We have built stronger client relationships through adversity based on our core values:

Living out these values and offering effective digital marketing solutions have been crucial to developing new B2B client partnerships like Cargill, Infinity CU, HERD and Trax Retail, while continuing to do effective work for others like Canon Medical, Daikin and Tolomatic. 

We have also added new talent who have boosted our creativity and productivity, bringing new perspectives to our teams. 

Approaching 2022, we are filled with anticipation for what our 50th year in business brings. While we don’t know what the year holds, one thing is certain, we are going to throw a huge party (more to come on that). We also will continue to pursue a path that allows us to do what we enjoy the most, work collaboratively with clients to build business through strategic digital marketing grounded in three principles:

We hope you have a safe and prosperous 2022,
Ted Risdall

-Khan to lead charge in digital solutions as SVP Digital Media and Analytics-

Mahmood Kahn

ROSEVILLE MINN. (August 15, 2017) – Risdall is excited to continue the expansion of its digital marketing capabilities with the addition of Mahmood Khan as Senior Vice President of Digital Media and Analytics. Khan joins Risdall from Periscope where he served as the Director of Media and Analytics and led a team of digital media, paid search and SEO professionals. Prior to Periscope, he led international ecommerce campaigns for clients at Digital River. Khan currently serves as a Member of IAB Digital Media Buyer and Planner Certification Program Exam Committee which sets the standard for global certification. Khan will lead digital initiatives with a passionate data-driven perspective and his extensive expertise builds on Risdall’s integrated model of digital platform development, digital content marketing and communications, paid engagement and analytics.

In joining Risdall, Khan said, “The advanced web development and app development capabilities Risdall already possesses will easily integrate with the best practices and disciplines I am bringing and ultimately result in a very integrated digital solution for clients.”

“We are very excited about Mahmood joining the team,’ said Ted Risdall, Chairman and CEO of Risdall. “His knowledge and high level of expertise with national and global initiatives will help Risdall lead clients to live fully and effectively in the digital world and enable us to deliver business results that matter.”

About Risdall

Risdall is a full-service integrated digital marketing agency. For 45 years, Risdall’s marketing, communications and digital capabilities have constantly evolved, driven by an independent culture and a commitment to achieving our client’s business goals. For more information visit