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Meeting your customers where their devices are is the basis of a solid mobile strategy.

Your business is more than what is in the brochure.

A brochure will only get you so far. Online users are looking to engage and interact with a brand. Your website gives you the opportunity to provide the information your users are searching for and engage with them via tools and apps in ways that your audiences want to engage with you. At Risdall, we eat, breathe and, yes, often dream about ways we can help you to reach current and potential customers.

Mobile Applications

Mobile search has surpassed desktop search. The next billion people to come online will be in markets that are developing and trend heavily towards mobile first. The computer in our pockets has become the primary device in most people’s daily lives. We have leveraged platforms such as Ionic and Phonegap to quickly develop mobile first app store solutions for our clients. In addition we always ensure our web applications are responsive. We have experience in emerging trends such as Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

Who are your users, current and future? What devices are they using on a daily basis? Do you have a solution ready that takes into consideration the needs of your mobile users? We can help. Let’s get started.

Web Applications

Your website can be more than a marketing tool. Many of our clients have leveraged our experience to create custom web applications to serve their business needs. For example:

  • Education: School finder for K-12 districts. Risdall built a school finder in the education sector that allows parents to search for schools in their area filtering data by grade, school names, locations, availability of before/after care and performance ratings. The finder is backed by custom administration tools and data that keep the system up to date.
  • Medical: For Pearson, a global leader in educational courseware and assessment, we constructed Innerview ®, a complex web system that collects, organizes, and automates mental health evidence to support diagnosis, treatment planning, and monitoring in the primary care setting. It is a personal tool that includes individualized progress monitoring based on symptoms endorsed by the patient in the first-person narrative.
    Composed of 3 interactive modules (, a narrative module, a rating module and a clinical module), it creates 5 clinical outputs based on the user construction of a narrative giving providers reportable health evidence that aligns the DSM V. Innerview provides mental health evidence to support diagnosis, treatment planning and diagnosis to primary care providers and has been deployed in the US and in the Netherlands.
  • Manufacturing: Custom Product Management. Products vary widely from client to client. Sometimes, particularly for manufacturers, the amount of data, specifications, supporting documentation and relationships to other products are not available within the client organization in a way the website needs it. Supporting a user experience requiring quick filtering of products by specifications and providing large amounts of supporting content to a product detail page, requires a complex product administration system.

At Risdall, we approach the problem by looking at all the users, including the administrator. From there we create the IA and the user interface, focusing on ease of use, intuitive design, ease of accessibility to the information that users need to make a decision, and on ease of administration.