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The old adage, “If you build it, they will come,” is no longer true. Today it’s more accurate to say, “If you build it, and tell people about it again, and again, and again, then they will come.”

Establishing your credibility through compelling stories

Possibly the most well-known public relations activity is media relations. When you launch a new website, announce new leadership, plan an event or create a product, you want to get your audiences talking about it. Media relations helps you raise awareness by informing your audiences about important company information through news outlets or influential sources, such as bloggers or trade associations.

At Risdall, we build media relations campaigns around strategic messaging and tailored outreach. Our process starts by having a conversation with you to understand where your company is promoted and where you want your company to be. We then pair these insights with our experience as a media relations firm and a deep understanding of the media’s channels to gain targeted, actionable results.

We can also help you develop the skills to speak with the media. Whether you need a couple of tips, an hour of practice or a full day of media coaching, we support you in any way necessary.

Media relations services include:

  • Identifying audiences
  • Developing media lists
  • Creating news releases
  • Creating tailored pitches
  • Coordinating product samples
  • Sharing best practices for online newsrooms
  • Media coaching
  • Recovering from negative news coverage