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Public RelationsCrisis Communications Management

Crises are inevitable. Risdall is here to help. We'll work confidentially with your team on the best strategy for navigating the toughest challenges.

Crisis communication management services

We provide a set of crucial, crisis-related services provided directly to senior management, boards of directors, government agencies, and non-profit, for-profit and publicly held organizations.

Our focus is on readiness for crisis situations, rapid organizational response, and reputation management following an incident. Our crisis management services include:

  • Activist, web, new media attack counteraction
  • Community relations, grassroots campaigns, gaining public consent
  • Corporate relations repair, professional development in crisis
  • Crisis communication management readiness and simulations
  • Employee relationship restructuring and loyalty restoration
  • Issue surveillance and forecasting
  • Leadership recovery strategies
  • Litigation communication management
  • Media relations strategy and analysis in crisis
  • Senior management communication strategies

Once we know the pattern of events we help set the management response process and out-strategize your opposition.

Risdall can give you the peace of mind of having crisis management experts on hand for every peak and valley.

America’s Crisis Guru® Jim Lukaszewski

Book America’s Crisis Guru® Jim Lukaszewski

James E. Lukaszewski, ABC, Fellow IABC; APR, Fellow PRSA; BEPS Emeritus
America’s Crisis Guru®
Lukaszewski Group Division, Risdall

“Today, every blogger, tweeter, bellyacher and bloviator holds your career, reputation, and future in their fingertips. We believe in treading carefully and constructively. One thing we know for sure, if you fail to manage your own destiny, carefully and quickly, someone else is waiting out there to do it for you. It’s always time to crisis proof your organization and your career.” ~ Jim Lukaszewski

Jim is a powerful speaker, important author, inspiring teacher and trusted advisor.

Powerful Speaker: Each year, he speaks before thousands of leaders, managers, supervisors, military leaders, corporations, non-profit organizations, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. As a result, he is one of America’s most visible corporate organizational go-to people for senior executives when there is trouble in the room or on the horizon.

Inspiring Teacher: Jim is an inspirational storyteller. He has that magical ability to inspire executives to look at problems from a variety of sensible, constructive and principled perspectives. He teaches clients to promptly take highly focused, ethically appropriate action. When trouble finds you or you find trouble, remain calm and call Jim.

Trusted Advisor: Throughout his career, beginning in 1974 on a state governor’s staff, then building a national and international practice Lukaszewski’s skills, knowledge, ability and professional leadership have been recognized continuously. Over the years he has had clients in every US state and industrial classification. Wherever there is or can be trouble, victims, serious problems and disaster, there are affected audiences and troubled leaders waiting to learn the way out of their problems from Jim.
He is often called a trusted advisor’s trusted advisor.

Important Author: His thirteen books and hundreds of articles, monographs and speaking engagements all across America, Canada, and internationally have informed leaders, their organizations and his profession for decades. In fact, if you study public relations anywhere in the world today, you are likely to read or see something by Jim Lukaszewski. Hear him and see him for yourself.

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