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Marketing StrategyContent Strategy

As the communications industry moves from specializing by function to more integrated marketing models, the goal and challenge of a content strategy becomes to build a foundation for the “big ideas” that can be executed across multiple touch points.

Make your content work for you

A strong content marketing or communications strategy is important. Why? Because stand-out (outstanding) content builds brand awareness, creates engagement with your audiences, and ultimately grows loyalty.

Content strategy can be a lot of things. The challenge content strategy solves: “How do you portray yourself, as you really are, to people who may want to become friends with you (if they aren’t already)?” We get at this challenge through brand exercises that find unique places for you to be, setting a ‘tone’ or ‘voice’ for how your speak, focusing on the ‘what you should say’ content areas that have perceived value, and managing ongoing relationships through relevant and engaging content fulfillment.

Words like audit, competitive differentiation, multi-channel strategies, and community management are part of our lexicon and help us to hone in a strategy to meet your goals. The details of a content strategy are as unique as your business or initiative—and the real friendships that you form can foster loyalty and evangelism.