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Email. It still works. Let us show you how to maximize your efforts.

Targeted email marketing services

In the broadest sense, any email message sent to current or potential customers can be considered email marketing. When creative agencies use the term, we look at the overall picture: focusing on your brand voice and look and feel, delivering the right content to the right audiences, building an editorial schedule , and tying the email campaigns into your other online and offline experiences. Lead scoring, back-end management, and general conversion performance are also key components of strong email programs.

At Risdall, we target your email marketing to deliver the right content to your audiences. Our email marketing strategies include:

  • Researching your consumers and their email habits to determine the right marketing approach
  • Creating the email strategy
  • Integrating desktop and mobile features to ensure customers can access your emails anywhere and anytime
  • Designing and optimizing email campaigns and content that is aligned with your company’s goals and achieves the maximum impact on your readers
  • Scoring and measuring behaviors