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Brand DevelopmentLogo Creation

Logos can live a long time. Designing a logo that will serve your brand well for a decade or more takes thought, time and talent.

Our experienced design team listens, learns and explores

The art of logo design begins with listening to your needs. Depending on the strategic input available, the most important element informing a logo design might be extensive consumer research—or it might be knowledge of the CEO’s favorite (and least favorite) color.

Risdall will create several logo options for you to consider and refine the design for print and digital use.  Testing logo ideas against target audiences, employees, or using online commenting services can often provide valuable insight or objective data to help you make a final decision.

We can also develop graphic standards to guide your brand’s color palette, typography and other visual branding.  A style guide  can be useful  to guide website design, online advertising and media placements.