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A site that provides a fresh, intuitive, helpful banking experience for everyone


Wings Financial Credit Union has 30 branch locations in 24 cities across 5 states.  To be the number one credit union and compete with established banks in the Midwest, they needed a website that reflects their unique brand and provides an intuitive, helpful banking experience for their customers.

Wings financial homepage on a monitor


We began by conducting multiple stakeholder interviews and workshops to understand the deficiencies in the current website. We also discussed the desires for the new website and how these are directly related to the needs of their members. 

Forensics conducted on the existing website identified significant opportunities to improve the structure and experience, including better categorization of information based on life stages, and identifying new tools and features to enhance the site performance and usefulness.

Wings Homepage


A completely new information architecture and simplified user experience was driven by defining new member product phases. Risdall helped place a strategic focus on the significance of content for the end user, using SEO research to determine customer needs and define sections to address those needs with relevant information.

Assessing and determining content viability allowed us to consolidate information, eliminate miscellaneous pages and tie random pages to new category sections of the site. 

Design concepts focused on the end user with imagery providing a candid look at consumers in real life settings and copy delivering a conversational tone rather than banking speak. The final look and feel elevated and enhanced their brand standards and delivered the essence of wings while fitting within accessibility standards.

An agile collaborative process allowed for creative iteration, refinement and efficiency in creating and developing sections of the site. We created a total of 10 universal templates used across more than 100 pages.  Over 100 custom icons were created for future use to provide visual cues when creating new areas of information and a custom component library make authoring new sections and pages easy for the client.

Enhancements to the site included:

  • Improved page ranking, page speed and improved CX to create a more engaging online experience 
  • Secondary navigation to find sub categories within a section
  • Dynamic rate tables allowing updating of rates across the entire site along with fully dynamic comparison tables allowing the user to compare available products and current rates
  • A life guidance section designed to provide SEO friendly evergreen content, assist consumers with education and information in their current stage of life. Heavy planning workshops allowed us to develop robust information that will continue to feed marketing and social channels with rich information.
  • Branch locations, events and seminars pages allow updating through Yext.

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