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  • Oaks Christian

Attracting the Next Generation of Student Leaders


Oaks Christian School is an independent, co-educational, college preparatory, non-denominational Christian school, serving grades 5-12 in a high net worth community near Los Angeles, California. Annual tuition is $30,000 with a lifetime student value of over $200,000 per student. Their goal was attracting new potential students to a series of open house events to see the campus.

increase in CVR% with A/B testing of landing pages and ad copy
increase in year-over-year attendance
qualified enrollments (clear attribution)
in potential lifetime value
Graduation class


Following a review of past efforts, a more digital-centric strategy was selected to allow for more specific targeting of prospect families that may have had no awareness or prior exposure to Oaks Christian. Based on demographic information available, Risdall would target audience members with multiple impressions in a short-term push to connect them with critical content prior to specific admissions events in their area.

Digital banner ads


We developed a lead generation campaign to connect potential student families with the school through audience segmentation and location data. With specific zip code and grade targets, we focused on attracting families that were likely to attend one of three admissions-focused events. Risdall included location tracking to attribute the impact of digital ad programs to device IDs of those that attended the event, whether or not a formal RSVP was completed, providing the client with clear program performance data.

The campaign included:

  • Creative development for ad programming
  • Messaging creation
  • Landing page development
  • A/B testing of ads with ongoing optimizations for better performance
  • Multiple media channels including display, audio, video, social and email


As a result of our work, Oaks Christian School achieved a 46.6% increase in CVR% with A/B testing of landing pages and ad copy. This resulted in a 75% increase in YOY attendance, and 19 qualified, attributed enrollments totaling $3 million in potential student revenue.