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Driving qualified lower -funnel leads


The restaurant/industrial kitchen marketplace is vast, ranging from large to small operations. For owners and kitchen managers, it is essential that they maintain clean kitchens that meet government standards. Ecolab has the challenge of reaching those audiences and delivering the benefits of Keystone—their suite of industrial kitchen cleaning products and equipment.

month campaign
qualified leads
$2.2 M
potential revenue attributed
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Ecolab chose Risdall to help them grow its industrial kitchen-cleaning brand – Keystone.  We recommended a three-month lead generation campaign to measure the effectiveness of targeting and influencing this audience. Our goal was to create greater visibility for Keystone products, but more importantly, drive qualified leads. Our strategy was to go beyond promoting products and promote something of greater value – an assessment of kitchen cleanliness by an Ecolab expert consultant who would identify areas for improvement and recommend products to achieve results.

Ecolab landing page


We designed a campaign that leveraged audience segmentation data to target independent restaurant owners and kitchen managers. We used advanced machine learning algorithms in real time to maximize lead generation, providing sophisticated lead tracking solutions along with revenue attribution from leads and media channels.

The campaign included:

  • Creative messaging to align with audience need – independent restaurant owners
  • A variety of dynamic, creative ad units
  • Landing page development
  • A/B testing of ads and landing pages with ongoing optimization for better performance
  • National footprint with paid search campaigns targeting hundreds of relevant keyword/phrase searches
  • Integrating lead tracking into their CRM (SalesForce) for timely follow-up from regional sales teams


The campaign drove 212 highly qualified leads with revenue potential of $2.2 million. Our results are well above the standard benchmarks for CVR and CTR across similar client verticals and within our forecasted CPC, CVR, and CPC.

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