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Multi-channel strategy engages difficult-to-reach audiences


A respected manufacturer of patient-positioning devices used during surgery, Bone Foam came to us with the goal of connecting to medical professionals who specifically worked in the world of orthopedic surgery. Once considered an impossible audience to connect with on social channels, Risdall created a campaign that got Bone Foam exposure in front of orthopedic professionals as well as created discussion and sharing between these professionals about Bone Foam’s products and content.

People reached
Post reactions
Increase in traffic
Increase in quote requests
Facebook ads


Knowing the target audience was such a specialized group, Risdall researched how to connect with these select people on a number of social platforms. Our results allowed us to focus on a wide variety of professionals within the orthopedic industry, including physicians, nurses, and specialist-level professionals.

Google Ads


Risdall developed and launched a campaign that connected with orthopedic professionals on Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. These efforts presented Bone Foam’s content and ads to an extremely targeted audience with the goal of both introducing them to Bone Foam’s products and also encouraging discussion about how these products work.


While originally a limited engagement project, the results received by Bone Foam were extraordinary. We found that healthcare professionals were very eager to talk about products they’ve had success with or were interested in utilizing in their practice. Some audience members even gave unsolicited testimonials.

As we continue to partner with Bone Foam, we’re conducting ongoing testing and improvement to ensure we’re reaching the right audience members and encouraging the most valuable engagement and return on investment. Risdall’s unique insight allows us to keep these efforts moving forward as an ongoing program that continually improves.

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