Risdall Speaks on Google AMP at DNN Summit 2017

Last month the Risdall development team attended DNN Summit, the largest DotNetNuke conference in the United States.  The conference offered sessions on the direction of the DNN platform, industry topics such as accessibility, microservices, lead generation, and marketing automation, as well as a keynote address by Scott Hanselman, Principal Community Architect for Web Platform and Tools at Microsoft, on latest trends impacting the greater web development community.


Risdall team member Erik Hinds led a session on the Google AMP Project and DNN. The Google AMP Project represents a partnership with dozens of large internet publishers to produce an open standard for optimized mobile experiences. AMP pages load almost instantaneously on a mobile device, resolving a major frustration with the mobile web experience while simultaneously improving mobile search rankings.  As Erik said, “Google AMP is rapidly becoming one of the biggest trends in digital marketing and user experience for 2017. Content producers would be wise to get ahead of the trend.”


The session included an overview of the AMP project, as well as a detailed technical walkthrough of how to create AMP-compliant web pages. Erik also demonstrated a custom DNN module for DNN AMP conversion.


“We knew our own clients would need a tool to help convert DNN pages to AMP pages, so we started developing one a few days before the conference,” said Erik. “Now we can offer Google AMP services for a variety of CMS platforms, including DNN and WordPress.”  To learn more about how AMP Pages could benefit your mobile user experience and online marketing efforts please connect with us or call us at 651-286-6700.