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Improving brand visibility and reputation with strategic product introductions


VISION EASE is a leading manufacturer of eyeglass lenses, with a long-standing reputation for producing products that are innovative and unmatched in quality. VISION EASE’s primary audiences are wholesale distributors, retail chains and independent eye care professionals. To reach these customers and drive sales growth, Risdall helped define a series of strategic product launches and ongoing marketing support. One example is the co-branded partnership between Coppertone Polarized Lenses and sun and surf apparel brand, O’Neill.

YOY client sales increase
YOY unit sales increase
Coppertone O'Neill mobile website


Risdall developed an integrated marketing strategy to launch these partnerships. Messaging, digital marketing, website design, and public relations amplified foundational awareness of products with in-store displays, promotional elements, and sales tools, helping drive sales at eye care locations.

Coppertone O'Neill sunglasses


Efforts were designed to continue ongoing engagement with VISION EASE’s customers and further position the brand as a contemporary innovator.

To improve sharing information and resources about all of its brands, VISION EASE enlisted Risdall to design and develop a new website offering simplified search, improved functionality, and a customer portal to help users quickly find the information they need.

Mia Hamm digital banner ads


Over more than a decade of partnership, Risdall has helped VISION EASE successfully launch its lenses and achieve success in an increasingly global and competitive marketplace.

Their team recognizes the potential power of combining complementary marketing tactics, which allows Risdall to prove the impact marketing has to launch products, increase sales and grow businesses.