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Risdall Marketing Group moves up in Ad Age 2009 Agency Report

Firm now ranks no. 7 in Minnesota, no. 205 in United States NEW BRIGHTON, MINN. (May 26, 2009) – Risdall Advertising Agency (RMG) has been awarded a certificate of excellence by the Business Marketing Association (BMA) Pro-Comm Awards for its work designing the new Smith Systemlogo. NEW BRIGHTON, MINN. (May 20, 2009) – According to the Advertising Age 2009 Agency Report, Risdall Marketing Group (RMG) is moving on up. The annual report, which ranks advertising agencies from across the nation based on U.S. revenue, lists Risdall Advertising Agency as seventh largest in Minnesota and 205 in the United States. “This has taken an amazing team effort,” said John

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Business Marketing Association Recognizes Risdall Marketing Group with Award of Excellence

New Smith System logo design recognized as one of the best in the industry NEW BRIGHTON, MINN. (May 26, 2009) – Risdall Advertising Agency (RMG) has been awarded a certificate of excellence by the Business Marketing Association (BMA) Pro-Comm Awards for its work designing the new Smith Systemlogo. RMG and long-time client Smith System set out to develop and introduce a new brand identity that communicated inspiration, a commitment to thought leadership, and Smith System’s growing platform of products while at the same time distinguishing it from Smith System’s competitors. “Creating a new logo for Smith System was important to help the company grow and

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SEO opportunities using Google’s NEW Options filter

Google has made a major update to the way users can refine their searches.  It is now very easy to refine or filter out result that meet specific criteria.  Want to see only reviews from the past 24 hours?  No problem. What opportunities does this change provide for SEO and marketing your website?  First, let’s understand how it works. Here is where one can access this feature.  Do a Google search and on the results page click on “Show Options” just below the Google icon on the left. The filter options are on the left side.  Just try them out

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Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs.

That is the profound observation that Peter Drucker, the father of business consulting made many years ago and somehow seems to have been lost in time. Today, when top management is surveyed, their priorities in order are: finance, sales, production, management, legal and people. Missing from the list: marketing and innovation. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Drucker’s wisdom has not escaped the leadership of 3M Company, a world leader in innovation. George Buckley, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of 3M offered some timeless advice in a recent address to employees, which is well worth sharing with the

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The great chicken fiasco

Last week KFC bit off more than it could chew. The company, in the midst of its biggest launch — grilled chicken — announced on Oprah Winfrey’s show that anyone could download a coupon for two free pieces of grilled chicken, two sides and a biscuit. Little did KFC realize how impactful Oprah Winfrey is, and how much Americans love free food. In the first two days, KFC experienced a total of 10.5 million coupon downloads and gave away 4.5 million meals. Two problems occurred — some franchise stores stopped redeeming coupons, and KFC did not employ technology that would keep people from

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Risdall Marketing Group Adds Davanni’s and Advanced Carpet Restoration, Along with Four Other Clients, in April

NEW BRIGHTON, MINN. (May 6, 2009) –Risdall Marketing Group (RMG) continues to receive a variety new business in 2009, adding seven new clients in April. Since January, RMG has added more than 37 new accounts. RMG’s new accounts and expanded engagements include: Advanced Carpet Restoration (ACR) – Sponsored search earthexchange Charitable Foundation – Special event planning, landing page, email program development Davanni’s Pizza and Hot Hoagies – Media planning HomeValu Interiors – Social media monitoring Barbara Greving Studios – Brand development and commerce Web site Rustic Ridge Pillows – Expanded engagement to include brand messaging and Web enhancements “The variety of services and level of expertise RMG offers, contributes heavily to

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Risdall Marketing Group Presents Ivey Ad Award to Illusion Theater Illusion Theater recognized for outstanding marketing efforts

NEW BRIGHTON, MINN. (May 6, 2009) – Minneapolis-St. Paul is internationally renowned for its performing arts scene, but with so many theaters for patrons to attend, venues must promote shows, seasons and events in a unique way to draw an audience. During the Ivey Award Board Member Thank You event on May 4, the Illusion Theater in Minneapolis received theIvey Ad Award, presented by Risdall Marketing Group (RMG), in recognition of the theater’s original marketing. Bonnie Morris of the Illusion Theater accepts the Ivey Ad Award from RMG’s Tia Wilkins. The Ivey Awards were established in 2004 to increase awareness of Twin Cities professional theater

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How the Internet is making historians of us all

I recently was took a religious history course on tape, The Historical Jesus, taught by Bart Ehrman at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. As a preamble to the meat of the course Professor Ehrman presented a criteria for assessing the historical veracity of sources (e.g. how accurate is that 1,000 year old diary?). The criteria he suggested was threefold: 1)    Independent attestation. In other words, multiple sources. 2)    Dissimilarity. Does the source have a vested interest in pursuing this point of view? 3)    Contextual credibility. Is this evidence consistent with what was going on at the time? Well,

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