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Welcome back SearchWiki, I think?

Last Thursday night, a friend noticed something different in his Google SERP.  Next to each organic search result, there was an up arrow to ‘promote’ the search result, an X to ‘remove’ the search result, and at the end of each description, there was a place to leave a comment about the search result.  So I went to, performed a random search, and saw the same thing.  We then realized that SearchWiki was finally out of beta testing and live. This is part of Google’s mission to make search as personalized as possible. for this only shows when you’re

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What makes a great podcast

Whether you create your own or subscribe to them like I do, you might be interested to know what makes a great podcast About a month ago I changed jobs.  I used to take the bus to work and spent that time reading a lot of books (and sleeping occasionally).  Now I drive about 45 minutes to work each way.  Since I can’t read — or sleep — while driving (although I have seen people do crazier things in cars), I decided to subscribe to a bunch of podcasts. Since becoming an avid podcast listener, I have determined what makes a

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Social Media: Black is White is White is Black is Grey.

If you only have five seconds: Social Media is very similar to many mar comm tactics that have been around forever. The results may be different, but the effort, resources and goals that go into a social media marketing plan should be the same. If you have more time: My gripe: Marketing professionals and clients who laugh at social media for being in its infancy, and ask questions like: “What’s guaranteed?” “What am I going to see as a result of this social media campaign?” “Well, I don’t want to do any work. No blogging, no engagement, nothing.” Skeptics are

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Communicating during times of market volatility

The wild swings in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) can make anyone run for the nearest heartburn medication these days.  It’s anyone’s guess what the DJIA will end at this year.  With stock market declines, government bailouts and failing banks and mortgage companies, now is the time for financial services firms to reassure investors.  Here are some tips on communicating during times of market volatility. Communicate to your employees first.  Just like clients, your employees and financial representatives most likely are invested in the stock market as well.  They are seeing the market value of their 401(k) plans deteriorate and

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The President Elect and Social Media

Never before has the President elect and social media made such a strong connection. The heaviest social media presidential campaign is now behind us, what are the plans for the President Elect and the future of his Presidential campaign? Well, just check out also known as the site of “The Obama – Biden Transition” , I saw the site and was very enthused to see that it is very social media driven. The 2 most amazing features of the new site are: 1. An American Moment: Your Story…this urges us to: “Start right now. Tell us your story in

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Is negative advertising here to stay?

It’s been a week since the election ended (for better or worse, depending on your point of view). One week. Seven days. 168 hours without an attack ad. It’s embarrassing…but I have to admit it…I miss those sleazy, character-assassinating political ads. I miss those photos of the candidates, caught in mid-sneer or mid-gastric distress, while a voice-over, bloated with sarcasm, tells us what a moron this guy is and why we should call him and tell him to stop doing whatever it is he’s doing that’s flushing the country straight down the toilet. So after months of hearing endless variations

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What value does work play in your life?

Earlier this week I attended a session put on by The Masters Forum that featured Tammy Erickson, a nationally-known expert on changing demographics, employee values, and how successful organizations work. Her talk was titled “Creating Extraordinary Employee Engagement — Leveraging Engagement for Collaboration and Innovation.” One interesting aspect of her presentation focused on research her company had conducted about the six values that work plays in our lives. The six values, and their descriptions, are: Expressive Legacy: work is about creating something with lasting value Secure Progress: work is about upward mobility — a predictable, secure path to success Expertise

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Getting to know one of the world’s most powerful women

She is a frequent face in Forbes and a true business lead – Get to know one of the most powerful women in business  Today I got to know Marilyn Carlson Nelson, chairman of Carlson and a regular on Forbes magazine’s list of “The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women.” Carlson Nelson spoke at the Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Business Leaders Forum.  She was open about the differential treatment that she has faced during her career (having to sign her name “M.C. Nelson” while working as an analyst at Paine Webber so no one would know that she’s a female and

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