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Minneapolis bars open until 4AM | One Night Special

Minneapolis bars open until 4am?! As a member of the 21-25 age segment, that 2 hour bar extension was reason enough for me to welcome the RNC with open arms. 

I was just on vacation in Las Vegas, and was arguing with an ex-Iowan who was claiming that Iowa was superior to Minn because our bars close at 2am.  All the issues I have with Iowa aside, he’s got a point.  As far as night-life tourism is concerned, Minn doesn’t necessarily have a big draw.  We have a great music scene, a clean city and nice people –  but no late night option.

So, when the rumor surfaced about the gov trying to pass regulation that would allow bars to stay open to increase revenues around the RNC- I was all in!  However……  I didn’t really hear anything about it.  Just today was I able to find a definitive list of bars that had paid the fine and were willing to serve the night-owls of Minneapolis- St. Paul.   To this, I wonder…. why the slack in advertising and marketing?  You just paid a hefty fine with the chance that patrons may come to your establishment after others close at 2 AM, and not a peep?  I guess I was hoping for a man on the corner of the street with a fog horn shouting “The Local, News Room, First Ave…. Are open until 4 AM tonight!!”

Go support your local bars who still believe in the slacking economy – you’ll find me in downtown Minneapolis tonight.

Find the list of Minneapolis bars that are staying open until 4AM here

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