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Image of What is a Landing Page

What is a Landing Page and Why You Should Be Using Them

Landing pages are a popular option in the digital marketing and web design world. Even so, we continue to field questions about what a landing page is and why it would be helpful to implement for a business. In this first of three blogs about landing pages we’ll cover the what and why of landing pages. The next posts get into Landing Page Design With Your Audience in Mind and then Measuring Your Landing Page Performance. What is a Landing Page? A landing page is a standalone webpage that exists to get visitors to take one specific action. They are

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TURCK Growth Powered by Risdall 1

Growth. Powered by Risdall: TURCK USA

One of the most interesting parts of working in marketing is learning about the unique challenges that arise within different organizations, and then facing our own challenge of coming up with a solution. These problem/solution scenarios often lead to great results and great learning opportunities for others in the industry. To share these stories and to shine a spotlight on our amazing clients, we started a monthly feature called, “Growth. Powered by Risdall.” Each month, we will explain one client’s unique challenge and how they worked with Risdall to achieve growth. In April we featured Beauterre Recovery Institute, a new

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Happy Birthday JOhn Risdall

Risdall’s Mad Men Celebration Was A Gas!

Thank you to all of Risdall’s guests who joined us to celebrate John Risdall’s 70th birthday and the 43rd anniversary of the agency earlier this week. Our Risdall team was jazzed to see many of our clients and our fellow employees with their families in a groovy environment. Why Risdall’s Parties Are the Best Risdall’s Mad Men-themed party featured attendees decked out in red, black or white ‘60s business attire and donning name badges featuring John Risdall instead of Don Draper in the Mad Men setting. The party was complete plenty of delicious food served in the large conference room, replacing the

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Adults Using Smartphones Together

Smartphones Have to Factor Into Your Digital Strategy

If Google’s recent mobile algorithm change wasn’t enough to convince you to take a look at how mobile fits into your digital marketing strategy, the way Americans are using their smartphones may persuade you. In April, the Pew Research Center released its study on U.S. Smartphone Use in 2015. One of the key findings of the study is that just over two-thirds of American adults are now smartphone owners and ownership levels tend to be higher in younger, well educated and higher income citizens. For many Americans, smartphones are their main way to access and browse the Internet. By including

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Mad Men Featured Image Risdall Party

Celebrate John Risdall’s 70th Birthday Mad Men Style

Risdall knows how to throw the best parties! Last year we went big with the Risdall Luminous Sculpture Museum where we showed off our 60 plus neon lights throughout the agency. This year we’re keeping it classy in Mad Men style. Join us on Tuesday, May 19 from 4-7 p.m. for a duo party celebrating the 70th birthday of the original Twin Cities Mad Man, John Risdall, and the 43rd anniversary of the agency he founded. Show off your Madison Avenue style with red, black or white attire. Bonus points if you add a fedora or pearls! Enjoy plenty of hors

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Rocket Into Scouting Bronze Anvil

“Rocket Into Scouting” Campaign Wins National Bronze Anvil Award

Risdall Public Relations and Northern Star Council, Boy Scouts of America received another award for its innovative “Rocket Into Scouting” campaign, bringing the total count to four awards and one finalist nomination this year. The Public Relations Society of America recognized “Rocket Into Scouting” with a Bronze Anvil award in the creative tactics category. Each year, the Bronze Anvils recognize the most creative and effective public relations tactics throughout the United States. This year’s Bronze Anvil Awards drew 828 entries, with only 71 entries selected as Bronze Anvil Award of Commendation winners. “Gaining recognition from our peers nationwide for the

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higher education marketing standing out in crowd

Finding Differentiation in Higher Education Marketing

If you’re in higher education marketing these days, you know that competition is brutal, budget pressure is constant and—while branding and brand strategy are must-haves in the current marketplace—there’s no “how-to” guide out there. We’re happy to see these issues making headlines recently, thanks to the mStoner report on the state of branding in higher education. Both Inside Higher Ed and Daily Free Press gave the report well-deserved coverage shining light on how new, yet critical the practice of branding and brand strategy are at higher education institutions. We’ve been hearing similar stories from our higher ed clients too. Higher Education

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Thoughts on Thought Leadership Featured Image

Thoughts on Thought Leadership – Establishing Baxter as a Model for Health Care Behavior Change

The initial blogs in this series introduced you to the concept of being a thought leader and showed you the best practices for thought leadership. Take a look at these blogs to familiarize yourself with this topic: Why You Need to Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader How to Drive Results as a Thought Leader, Part 1 How to Drive Results as a Thought Leader, Part 2 How to Drive Results as a Thought Leader, Part 3 Thought Leader Assessment Tool Then dig into this post to understand the practical application of the rules we presented to see thought leadership

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Risdall 2015

Public Relations and Digital Marketing Services Lead 2015 New Business

While creative services kicked off the New Year for Risdall, we finished quarter one with services in digital marketing and public relations leading the way. Perhaps we can attribute this to Facebook’s algorithm change, the rise of content marketing or the economic value that digital marketing adds for small businesses. Whatever the reason is, we’re loving it! Get to know a few of our new clients from the first quarter of 2015 below. Torax Medical Public relations Through public relations activities, Risdall is supporting Torax Medical, a leading medical device company, and its LINX Reflux Management System product line which

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growth by risdall

Risdall’s Highlights from Q1 in 2015

As an integrated agency with services in public relations, digital marketing, advertising, website development and strategy, we hold a Quarterly Review to share our biggest work achievements throughout the agency over the last three months. Our Quarterly Reviews are a chance for us to sit down as a group and share the work we’re proud of. This quarter we have a variety of success stories to share in the education and manufacturing industries, with an emphasis on digital marketing – a trend we’re seeing a lot of lately! Four of Risdall’s Highlights from Quarter One of 2015 The University of

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Thoughts on Thought Leadership Featured Image

Thoughts on Thought Leadership – Thought Leader Assessment Tool

After gaining an understanding of what a thought leader is in Why You Need to Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader and looking over some of the smartest tactics to employ when practicing thought leadership in How to Drive Results as a Thought Leader, Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3, now you’re ready to think deeper about yourself in the role of a thought leader. These questions will help you explore your personality, experiences and expertise. They will help you identify your audience and the best way for your thought leadership to add value to your audiences’ lives. When

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Dan Buettner Reveals the Key to Longevity at Annual LifeScience Alley Meeting

Last week, LifeScience Alley held its annual meeting with nearly 400 leading professionals representing some of Minnesota’s great innovative cultures. Risdall joined in the fun for an evening of professional networking and learning. As a proud sustaining member of Life Science Alley, we had several staff and industry contacts at the event. The keynote speaker of the evening was bestselling author, Dan Buettner, who wrote the book, “Blue Zones Solution.” In his book, Buettner discovered the healthiest societies around the world and researched what habits people practice that contribute to their healthy living. Healthy Eating and Regular Exercise Increase Longevity Dan

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Risdall Anniversaries

Celebrating 4 Risdallians’ Work Anniversaries This April

Each month we celebrate several Risdallians’ work anniversaries to thank everyone on our team for the hard work they have put in over the years. As a special congratulations, CEO Ted Risdall presents honorees with a rose for every year they have worked at Risdall. This month we’re congratulating Sara Harrell, Gabe Shackle, Carin Leonard-Gorrill and a special congrats to Ted Risdall. (Don’t worry, Ted didn’t present himself with roses!) “I want to give a big congratulations to the honorees this month,” said Ted. “Sara, Gabe and Carin represent the diverse skills we are known for at Risdall, with Sara

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Small business adoption of digital marketing tactics

Digital Marketing Is an Opportunity for Small Business’ Success

Recently, Clutch, a D.C.-based research firm, released two studies on how small businesses are adapting and using digital marketing. The first study looks into the web presences of small businesses and the second sees how many organizations are utilizing digital marketing tactics like SEO and PPC. Ted Risdall, chairman and CEO of Risdall, offered his opinions on the industry in both of these studies. At Risdall, we love small businesses and we think digital marketing is an area of vast opportunity for organizations. But does our excitement reflect in the data? The Digital Marketing and Small Businesses Survey Results Study

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Thoughts on Thought Leadership Featured Image

Thoughts on Thought Leadership – How to Drive Results as a Thought Leader, Part 3

Oxford Dictionaries defines thought leader as “One whose views on a subject are taken to be authoritative and influential.” With this goal in mind, we want to start our journey as a thought leader by learning the most important rules that thought leaders follow. Feel free to check out How to Drive Results as a Thought Leader, Part 1 and Part 2 for the fundamental rules to becoming a thought leader before continuing with this blog. Getting the Most from Your Thought Leader Content Market thought leadership like a product. This rule may appear at first to be counterintuitive because

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Thoughts on Thought Leadership Featured Image

Thoughts on Thought Leadership – How to Drive Results as a Thought Leader, Part 2

Which companies come to mind when you hear the word thought leader? Google? 3M? Medtronic? These companies have earned their statuses as thought leaders over many years by providing their audiences with helpful, interesting information. With dedication to the process and a knack for providing insight into your customers’ most pressing concerns, you can be on your way to becoming a thought leader too. Before diving into this blog, read Part 1 to familiarize yourself with initial tactics of establishing thought leadership. Then read on to learn how thought leaders engage their audiences. Engaging with and Building Your Audience as

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Thoughts on Thought Leadership Featured Image

Thoughts on Thought Leadership – How to Drive Results as a Thought Leader, Part 1

Thought leadership is about becoming an authority on relevant topics by delivering answers to the biggest questions on the minds of your target audience. Provide answers to questions. Easy enough, right? Although it sounds simple, earning the status of a thought leader for your audience takes hard work and dedication. Throughout my career, I’ve picked up on successful tactics used by thought leaders who have influenced me. Through this blog series, I’ll share what I have learned to help you get started on your journey to becoming a thought leader. Knowing Your Purpose and Direction: Rules 1-5 Identify the questions your

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Thoughts on Thought Leadership Featured Image

Thoughts on Thought Leadership – Why You Need to Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader

One of the best approaches for building a reputation and generating business leads is thought leadership. Becoming a thought leader requires ongoing commitment and has a high impact for your business when combined with other elements of the public relations and marketing mix. Definition of a Thought Leader In business school, we learn the marketing adage: “Above all else, be memorable.” Thought leaders are top of mind in this respect. These individuals and organizations take content to the next level by serving as their industry spokespersons, taking a stand on issues or giving away a little of their intellectual property

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Teen's Social Media & Technology

New Study on Teens, Social Media & Technology from Pew

A new study was released on April 9 from Pew Research Center on how teens, ages 13-17, use social media and technology. The center collected data from 1,060 teens from September 25 to October 9, 2014 and February 10 to March 16, 2015. Since its release, one of the most pulled statistics has been that “24% of teens go online ‘almost constantly,’ facilitated by the widespread availability of smartphones.” However, there are other interesting findings to be had in the report. For example, how does family income affect the choice of which social network a teen chooses to use? In

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Minnesota PRSA Classics Awards

Risdall PR and Clients Receive 4 Awards at Minnesota PRSA Classics

Last night was one of our favorite times of the year – the Minnesota Public Relations Society of America’s Classics Awards banquet! The Minnesota PRSA Classics is a peer-judged award competition that honors public relations practitioners in Minnesota who demonstrate the highest level of skill and creativity when solving communications challenges. In a night dedicated to honoring the most outstanding public relations campaigns and practitioners in the state, Risdall PR took home four awards, recognizing our clients Healthways and Northern Star Council, Boy Scouts of America. These wins landed the agency in fifth place for taking home the most awards!

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Beauterre Recovery Institute

Growth. Powered by Risdall: Beauterre Recovery Institute

At Risdall, we work hard to provide our clients with the necessary expertise and stewardship that builds strong, successful partnerships and advances business goals. When we experience these amazing partnerships, we can’t help but shout it from the rooftops! Or at least write a blog about it. Each month, we will feature one of our amazing partnerships to detail how they have experienced Growth. Powered by Risdall. Each client of the month post will cover who the client is, why we love them and how they have found success with Growth. Powered by Risdall. For Risdall’s first client of the

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Risdall PR Silver Anvil Awards

Risdall PR and Boy Scouts of America Named Finalist in 2015 Silver Anvil Awards

The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) named Risdall Public Relations and the Northern Star Council, Boy Scouts of America as a finalist in its 2015 Silver Anvil Awards for its campaign, “Rocket Into Scouting Lifts Cub Scout Recruitment to New Heights.” The Silver Anvil Awards is a 60-year-old competition that recognizes the best public relations campaigns across the United States. Risdall PR’s campaign is a finalist in the integrated communications category, which recognizes exemplary public relations strategies that incorporate the skills of at least one other marketing tactic. The “Rocket Into Scouting” campaign combined web development, creative services, paid

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What Is PR

What Is PR? – According to Public Relations Professionals

In general, people have a solid understanding of what advertising is. If it looks like an ad, sounds like an ad and tries to sell a product like an ad, then it is probably an ad. Unlike advertising, public relations is a subtle marketing tactic, which can lead many people to ask the question, “What is PR?” In a nutshell, public relations means building relationships between an organization and its publics. To better understand this definition, we’ve compiled several interpretations of public relations from the Risdall Public Relations team and professional organizations. Take a look at the definitions below, and

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The Network Connect Investor Connection

Join the Minnesota Angel Investing Scene with the Investor Connection Event

Minnesota is a growing location for angel investors and startup companies. To foster the startup environment in the land of 10,000 lakes, the Department of Employment and Economic Development created the Minnesota Angel Tax Credit Program in 2010, which offers a 25 percent refundable tax credit for investors who put their money toward qualified businesses. The program has more than doubled since it started, and with almost $60 million in investments made through the program in 2014 alone, Minnesota has become a thriving place for startups and a growing place for angel investing. Minnesota Angel Investing Facts Discover the angel

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Mad Men Featured Image

Mad Men: From IBM Selectric to Coast to Coast Promotions

While Mad Men is gearing up for its final season with coast-to-coast guerilla advertising, Risdall is reminiscing about mad men days of its own. John Risdall, founding chairman of Risdall, started his career in 1964 with the original Twin Cities mad men at Harold C. Walker Advertising. Just as the Golden Age of Advertising was coming to an end, John ventured out on his own to establish Risdall Advertising Agency in 1972. In 2010 John was dubbed “Minnesota’s Mad Man” by the Star Tribune. Although he never lived as crazy a life as Don Draper, Risdall did work with one

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Google AdBirds Best April Fools' Jokes

5 Best April Fools’ Jokes from Google

If you’re like me (and I know I am), you wake up on April 1st and hurry off to the Internet to see what Google has done today. As a big old dork working with Google tools day in and day out, I get to experience the handy work of arguably the greatest April Fools’ Day pranksters in the world – the good people at Google. Throughout the years, Google has made my workday on April 1st super fun. I thought today, I’d provide for you, a look back at some of my favorite Google pranks. Introducing Google Nose: Google

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Risdall Anniversaries

Risdall Celebrates 4 Work Anniversaries This March

Each month several Risdallians celebrate their work anniversaries. To make these celebrations even more special, CEO Ted Risdall presents each person with a rose for every year he or she has worked at Risdall. This month we’re honoring Tracy Henry, Matt Bergen, Nikki Westphal and Glenna Dibrell. “Tracy, Matt, Nikki and Glenna add 18 years of combined experience to Risdall, making our running total 400 years of service,” Ted said. “That doesn’t even count the years of experience everyone gained before joining Risdall! Needless to say, these four Risdallians add to our team of experts, with Tracy in digital marketing, Matt

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Camp Odayin Have A Heart Benefit

Open Your Heart to Camp Odayin’s Have a Heart Benefit

Camp Odayin is a magical place that offers all of the experiences of a summer camp in an environment that is safe and supportive for children and teens who have heart disease. With Risdall’s connection to Camp Odayin, we would like to share a personal story and provide details about Camp Odayin’s Have a Heart Benefit, which raises funds to make it possible for children to attend this special camp. Risdall’s Connection to Camp Odayin Risdall’s Senior Vice President, Solutions Architect, Brad Murray, knows just how special this camp is because it is his daughter’s favorite place to go. Brad

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What You Need to Know about Google’s New Mobile-Friendly Algorithm

Google has announced that Rankings in mobile search results will change April 21st. This news has webmasters all over the globe wondering what these algorithm changes will mean for their own websites ranking on mobile. Here are a few things you’ll want to know to prepare your website for Google’s mobile search changes. Full Rollout May Take Up to a Week We learned from attending Google Webmasters live Q&A session that the full rollout may take up to a week. Familiarize yourself with the performance of your website in Google’s search engine results from mobile devices between now and April

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Risdall Goes Green

Risdall Goes Green One Step at a Time

At Risdall, purple is our favorite color, but green is a close second. With a focus on increasing our recycling efforts, we have been getting greener one step at a time. Read on for a timeline of our efforts over the years, and let us know what you or your company has done to increase its green efforts by tweeting @Risdall. Risdall Goes Green – June 2013 We invited Minnesota Waste Wise to conduct an assessment of Risdall’s recycling habits. Through BizRecycling, a free recycling resource for Ramsey and Washington County businesses, we connected with Minnesota Waste Wise for an

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Clarification from Risdall on The Intercept Article Regarding Digital Security

Today, The Intercept published an article titled “Mall of America Security Catfished Black Lives Matter Activists, Documents Show.” In the article, they highlight a post published on the Risdall Public Relations blog called “Fulminating Flash Mobs,” which outlines how organizations like the Mall of America security used social media to monitor a pending flash mob appearance a few years ago. The article also states that we work closely with Mall of America, which is false. Jim Lukaszewski was authoring an article for trade journal publication. Jim Lukaszewski is a nationally regarded crisis expert with a special focus on the digital communication

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St. Patricks Day Marketing

Should You Participate in St. Patrick’s Day Marketing?

It can be easy to jump on the bandwagon of using holidays to start a promotional campaign for your business. While it makes sense for some companies, it doesn’t make sense for all. Especially when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day. Deciding whether or not to participate in St. Patrick’s Day Marketing If you’re in the business of bars, beer or green food dye, the answer is an overwhelming yes, you should participate in St. Patrick’s Day. However if your business falls into the 99 percent of other products or services out there, you should consider the following two questions

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Minnesota Business Ethics Awards

Jim Lukaszewski selected as Keynote Speaker at 2015 Minnesota Business Ethics Awards Luncheon

Each year the Minnesota Business Ethics Awards (MBEA) shines a spotlight on Minnesota companies that demonstrate model ethical behavior in the workplace, marketplace, environment and community. Individuals nominate ethical companies that are evaluated by two panels of judges based on what the companies stand for and how they demonstrate their values through everyday actions. The public and finalists of MBEA are invited to a celebratory luncheon, where award winners are announced, on May 13 from 11:15 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the Nicollet Island Pavilion in Minneapolis. Jim Lukaszewski’s Commitment to Ethical Behavior This year’s luncheon will feature America’s Crisis

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Analytics Blog

3 Must-Follow Resources for Digital Analytics and Why

Perhaps you’re following the Risdall blog because you are a Digital Marketer (like me), and you love reading about what other experts are up to. I thought I’d share with you three blogs that I always recommend to colleagues who are interested in my specialty: Analytics. Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik for Google Analytics Help Years ago I downloaded templates of my first custom reports from Avinash’s blog, and continue to customize, build, share, and use those reports today. Avinash has a humorous writing style, but provides no-nonsense advice. His articles can reveal to you areas of Google Analytics you

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Community Impact Awards Featured Image 3

Congratulations to the 2015 Community Impact Awards Winners!

Last night a few lucky Risdallians attended Minnesota Business magazine’s 2015 Community Impact Awards, which celebrates Minnesota companies that practice a strong dedication to giving back to the communities they are part of. Risdall as a Finalist in the Community Impact Awards As an integrated digital marketing agency, Risdall is able to give back to our community by using our various services in web development, creative design, public relations, strategy, branding and digital marketing. Risdall placed as a finalist in this year’s Creative Campaign category for our consistent work to improve the region by providing local organizations with monetary and skills-based donations. Recently, we

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Custom Dashboards

How to Create Custom Dashboards In Google Analytics

Everyone needs data to make decisions at work. Google Analytics has become the go-to resource for getting that information related to an organization’s website. However, the information you need to make decisions is often different from the data your colleagues need to make their decisions. A custom dashboard in Google Analytics can be a great way to empower your colleagues to check in on the data they need without overwhelming them with the entire Google Analytics suite. Most importantly, giving a colleague access to personalized, custom dashboard will save you time in the long run. In this post, I’ll walk

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Risdall Anniversaries

Celebrating 5 Risdallians’ Anniversaries with a Rose for Each Year

With 33 years of collective work at Risdall between Erik, James, Mariann, Steve and Zoe, these Risdallians embody the passion and loyal personalities that Risdall is known for. That’s 33 years of bringing our clients Growth Powered by Risdall, 33 years of neon lights and 33 years of making the donuts. In celebration of their anniversaries, CEO Ted Risdall presented these five Risdallians with a rose for each year they’ve spent with our team. “The anniversaries of Zoe, Steve, Mariann, James and Erik range from two years all the way to 17 years, and it’s exciting to watch these talented folks grow

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Journalists at Trade Shows

How to Cater to Journalists at Trade Shows

With a broad range of trinkets that can be customized with your logo and colors, the possibilities for trade show giveaways and displays are endless. But which items will make you stand out at trade shows? That depends on whom you’re targeting. If you’re at trade shows to gain media coverage, then you want to focus your trade show handouts on journalists. Journalists are interested in the latest and greatest product or service your company offers without getting into a sales pitch or a history lesson on your company. Consider the following tips at trade shows to benefit journalists. Concise,

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Risdall Public Relations MNPRSA Classics

Risdall Public Relations Places as a Finalist in 5 MN PRSA Classics Categories

In the 37th annual Minnesota Public Relations Society of America (MN PRSA) Classics, Risdall Public Relations placed as a finalist in five distinct categories: social media, institutional programs, special events/observances, marketing services and industry campaign of the year. MN PRSA Classics recognizes outstanding public relations campaigns and tactics from communications businesses and departments throughout Minnesota. The entries are peer-judged for their effectiveness in solving public relations challenges through creative solutions. What MN PRSA Classics Means to Risdall Public Relations The MN PRSA Classics are always an exciting time of year because we get the chance to formally celebrate our clients’

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Crisis Management Valentine's Day

Crisis Management for Valentine’s Day Mishaps

We hope everyone enjoys a day of love and romance this Valentine’s Day. It’s a great holiday when you’ve planned dinner, found a babysitter and bought the perfect gift for your special someone. However, if you’re one of the unlucky people who forgot about the holiday, leaving yourself scrambling to pick up red roses and chocolates, here is a crisis communication plan to stay on your sweetheart’s good side. The first step to crisis management is to list your options. If you forgot about Valentine’s Day, you have three options: Buy yourself some time, hustle to the store and pick

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